The Nature of Leadership and the Leadership of Nature


Exploring Mt. Takao × Team Bulding

In recognition of its magnificent beauty, the 2007 edition of Michelin’s Voyager Pratique Japon, the famous French travel guidebook, awarded Mt. Takao and Mt. Fuji the maximum of three stars. Mt. Takao is only 45-minutes by train from Tokyo, and the easy access has helped to make it the most popular mountain in Japan. The number of visitors, including people from all over the world, now surpasses Mt. Fuji.

Takao now has a new attraction! After enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery of Mt. Takao, you can join a team-building program which includes several outdoor team-building activities followed by team dialogue, mainly using Appreciative Inquiry*, to deepen your understanding of each other and to find the deeper vision of the team by exploring new possibilities.

The combination of “nature, physical activities and dialogue” stimulates “the whole brain” to help you develop better team relationship and find new understanding & creativity as a team.

*Appreciative Inquiry:


■# of participants: 4-7

■Fee: Weekdays-13,000 JPY/person (including organic coffee)

Saturdays, Sundays & National Holidays -15,000 JPY/person (including organic                    coffee)

■Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm

■Where to meet: Hikagezawa Camp Site (Ura-Takao)

■Where the program ends: Takao-machi (8 minutes to Takaosanguchi Station)

*Nature guide in Ura-Takao is available in the morning.  (optional)

* Time, # of participants & where to meet are negotiable.

* Program can be conducted in Japanese/English

Facilitator: Kaoru Sasaki, Representative, INTEG.  Organizational development facilitator, process designer and corporate trainer.   Certified as Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator in Positive Business and Social Change by Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University,  Appreciative Inquiry & World Café practitioner certified by Human Value, NLP Practitioner, and Translator & Standing in the Fire* Facilitator. *