Standing in the Fire Workshop



Whether you facilitate a meetings for a living or simply as part of your job, you’ve surely found yourself “standing in the fire” — at the center of a group that is polarized, angry, fearful, and confused.    Veteran facilitator Larry Dressler has found that what makes the crucial difference in these situations is the leader’s presence.   You have to master a way of being that allows you to remain effective no matter how hot things get. 

In his book “Standing in the Fire: Leading high-heat meetings with clarity, cam and courage,” Dressler showed how to cultivate six “stances” — mental, emotional, and physical — that will keep you steady, impartial, purposeful, compassionate, and good-humored.    Drawing on his own experiences and the insights of thirty-five distinguished practitioners, he helps you keep your cool and make the kind of inventive, split-second decisions these pressure-cooker situations demand.

Standing in the Fire (SIF) Workshop is a one-day training Dressler crafted and developed further by Kaoru Sasaki, the translator of the Japanese version of the book and certified SIF facilitator by Dressler, to match the Japanese setting.