113 soloprofile Representative:Kaoru Sasaki

Kaoru has facilitated more than 20,000 people both in verbal and non-verbal workshops/trainings/meetings.

After studying socio-linguistics at a graduate school of Monash University, Australia, she became Secretary of General of the Rainforest Foundation Japan in 1989.  Since then, she  was engaged in various activities in the environment, human rights and peace areas.   In 1992, she started organizing Japan’s first echo tours (dolphin swims) and the tours to study West African culture in Senegal.    From 1996 to 2002, she was the main translator for the monthly magazine, The New Internationalist Japan.

Kaoru attended UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction(as a member of Japan Women’s Network for Disaster Risk Reduction) and Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) for UN Biodiversity Conference COP13 (as a member of Japan Citizen’s Network for the United Nations’ Decade on Biodiversity).

In 2007, she started supporting organizations thorough the “Learning Organization” concepts.

Kaoru is a certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator for Positive Business and Society Chane by Wheatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University,  a Standing in the Fire Workshop Facilitator certified by Blue Wing Consulting, and an NLP practitioner.  She is also certified as a World Cafe & Appreciative Inquiry facilitator by Human Value, Inc.

She is the author of “Empowerment Drum Circle: the Presence of Facilitators” (ATN), “CLUES IN BLUE” (Discover Twenty-One, a photo book of dolphins and manatees), and translator of “Standing in the Fire: Leading High-Heat Meeting with Clarity, Calm and Courage” (Diamond-sha) and many others.

rondavid With Prof. Ron Fry and Prof. D. Cooperrider, the originator of Appreciative Inquiry, Case Western Reserve University
写真1   With Ms. Diana Whitney, the originator of Appreciative Inquiry,, Taos Institute

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rdv5e1pydtnqblqfib8e Alliance Partner:Mami Yoda

Mami worked as a security analyst of a major international financial firm for more than 20 years and analyzed corporations and local governments of Japan, Korea and China by the bottom-up approach mainly through interviews.    As a manager of an analyst team, she struggled to find a way to support and make the most of the team members to discover the Whole System Approach in 2007.

She now supports each member of organizations and local communities to truly connect to each other so he/she can make a contribution to the whole, through frameworks such as Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting and Harvesting the Conversations that Matter.

Mami is Representative of Sanca Process Design,  Professor of Sagami Women’s University Business School and Inspector of Non-Profit The Most Most Beautiful Villages of Japan.

She has MBA at Sloan School of Management, MIT,   certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator for Positive Business and Society Chane by Wheatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University,  certified facilitator of FORTH Innovation Method and CTI Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).  She is also a certified Financial Analyst of CFA and now an Associate Professor of Sagami Women’s University.

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yuko Alliance Partner:Yuko Gendo

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chieko  Alliance Partner:Chieko Azuma

Cheko was a researcher of marine biology on social behavior and ecology of large oceanic cetaceans in  Australia.    Her interest then shifted to realizing personal, organizational and social peaceful lifestyles to live in harmony in nature.   After being engaged in environmental education in Mexico, she studied sustainability strategy and organization development in a graduate school in Sweden.

Back in Japan, she organized numerous workshop on sustainable development and dialogs in a non-government organization that offers participatory learning programs while traveling around the world by ship.

Now She is Representative of HappierBusiness – for all life on the planet to help businesses that support society and the environment.