Being SOLO

“A wilderness passage every twelve to eighteen months is a powerful way to profoundly deepen the cultivation of universal energy and connection with the Source.”

– Joseph Jaworski,  “Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation



■ Deeper leadership

■ Crossing “the border” and facing fear

■ Mobilizing all the senses and surrender oneself to the environment

■ Discovering “the quiet place” inside you

■ Connecting to the inner (yourself) and to the outer (nature) = Source


Being SOLO is the Japanese version of Vision Quest, in the Japanese context and beautiful nature.

It is a 2-4 day program and each participant will spend a deeply quiet time to reflect him/herself under a safe environment and the corporation of the local communities. Those who are not familiar with outdoor activities can participate, too.

So far, we have conducted Being SOLO at the following locations:

  • Oku-tama, Tokyo
  • At the foot of Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi
  • Uta-takao, Tokyo
  • Minamioguni, Kumamoto
  • Miyakojima, Okinawa (Sacred Beach of the Okinawa’s religious tradition)

* The Native Americans are not the only people who spend the similar times in life and it exist in many culture.     Being SOLO staff have spent over 20 years with the peoples Asia, Americas and Africa as well as the indigenous peoples in the Amazon, North America, Maya, Sarawak, Australia and others.    Now we value to be the natives of our own culture to facilitate Being SOLO in the beautiful nature of Japan.

* You can view the photos and testimonies so far in the facebook page.  (Japanese only)


KAORU SASAKI has engaged in the international corporation to support the rainforest and its indigenous people since 1989.   Since then, she has experienced a vast area of the indiginous cultures, shamanism and religions of North America, Asia, Australia and Africa.    She is a certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, World Cafe facilitator, Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner, and Rescue Diver.

YUKARI DITHMER is a photographer and traveller.    Last 30 years, she has travelled extensively around the world and has been involved in art, media, communication, therapy, psychology movements and currently trying to integrate all her experiences.

AKIKAZU “TAKATTAR” AOYAGI has been a system engineer for 15 years and discovered the importance of our bodies and nature.     He is now an Alexander Technique teacher as well.